TikTok star Bryce Hall addresses backlash after fan claims he ‘quit job’ in Sway House contest: ‘Constant slander’


TikToker royalty Bryce Room recently addressed a contest winner who made videos criticizing him and the rest of the sway house and claimed he was passed over after he won the chance to fly to Los Angeles and meet them.

In October, Hall announced that if his fans could get his corporate podcast, Capital University, at #1 on Apple Podcasts, he would send someone to Los Angeles to hang out with him and the Sway Boys. Participants only had to show up by subscribing and rating the podcast online.

A participant, Gunnar Morgan, went the extra mile and made flyers about the event and recorded a TikTok of himself handing them out to people to subscribe and rate the podcast.

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“I spent a lot of effort and money doing this,” Morgan said in the caption.

The effort was acknowledged by Hall who dueted on TikTok to announce that Morgan would be flown to Los Angeles. The video has since been removed from TikTok, but Morgan’s reaction to the duo is still on his profile.

“Thank you for noticing the hard work and dedication I put into it,” Morgan wrote in responnse to Hall’s duet. “I can’t wait for my brother!”

Prior to the competition, Morgan posted a bunch of TikToks identifying all members of Sway House and disclaiming joining the group.

Two months after the announcement, Morgan uploaded a TikTok where he claimed the Sway House team ignored him after winning the contest. The video has since been deleted but was uploaded to an Instagram drama page called TikTokRoom.

“What’s wrong with these influencers saying they’re gonna steal their fans and not f****** do it,” Morgan says in the clip. “I ended up quitting my job because they weren’t going to let me go to LA. And then Bryce left me on reading. His assistant left me on reading.

The debacle exploded after it was shared on the Instagram account, where Hall addressed the issues in a comment.

Blake Gray, another member of Sway House, has also commented saying, “a fool DMing my family members about Bryce flying him…”

Credit: tiktokroom/Instagram

Morgan responded to Hall’s comment saying, “say that instead of leaving my asf confused.”

Influencer contests regularly seem to trigger some sort of backlash, especially if the influencer isn’t very explicit in the terms and conditions of the contest. In September, influencer Molly-Mae Hague was under fire after being accused by her supporters of ‘fixing’ her $10,000 giveaway.

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