Scott Clark Auto Group Creates Trade Internship Program



CHARLOTTE, NC – Owen Howard knows a thing or two about cars, but it’s to be expected when working at a car dealership. His love for cars began when he was a child.

What would you like to know

  • Two years ago, the Scott Clark Auto Group partnered with Charlotte Mecklenburg and Union County Schools to launch a trade internship program.
  • COVID impacted the program last year, but the program is back and accepting students this year
  • The program is designed to expose students to the automotive world.

“I grew up in the running world a lot,” said Howard. “My dad is involved in NASCAR and marketing and things like that.”

When he heard about a unique internship program at his high school, he jumped at the chance.

“I learned so much, not even from the services we provide, but just being surrounded by my friends, or my friends now, should I say,” Howard said.

Two years ago, the Scott Clark Auto Group partnered with Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Union County Schools to launch a trade internship program.

The program was designed to expose students to the automotive world.

“A lot of them think they want to get into marketing, or business, or that they want to get into the auto industry, so that really gives them the opportunity to get their hands dirty and see what this industry is all about, ”said Ryan Fay. .

Fay is director of business operations and says this program not only provides hands-on experience, but also aims to meet the demand for automotive technicians.

“There are kind of two ways to get technicians,” he said. “You’re either going to get them from other dealerships or other locations or you can develop them from the inside out, so with this program we’re really focused on growing our inside technicians and the possibility to develop them ourselves. ”

This internship helped Howard learn and see first-hand what goes on in the automotive technician profession.

“So I didn’t really realize how deep all of these processes were and overall it gave me a better understanding of how everything works just by seeing it happen,” he said.

All in all, this has led him to a job opportunity and a much clearer path for the future.

“With this experience that I’m building from a very young age, I could go anywhere else and say ‘hey, I did this internship, I took these classes in high school, and I’ve had this work experience before and it will give me a head start on everyone else, ”Howard said.

Howard also completed a marketing internship under this program.

Scott Clark Auto Group says they offer internships ranging from automotive technicians, marketing and even graphic designers.

Scott Clark Auto also offers entry-level employment opportunities for full-time or part-time employment to interns aged 18 and in good standing.

To apply, students must be enrolled in an approved automotive class or course and receive permission from the instructor. Interns will receive school credits and must apply through their school counselor.



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