Scholarships awarded to students seeking careers in the health professions | Local News



Thirteen residents of Bedford County have received a total of more than $ 200,000 from the Memorial Hospital Foundation of Bedford County (MHBC) through the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.

Fourteen applicants applied for financial assistance, which is provided through donations from the MHBC Foundation, the late Dr. Bert and Lucile Wiley, the late Walter Allen and the late Thomas E. Bailey. The MHBC Foundation funds scholarships for students who undertake studies in the health professions.

The winners of the health professions scholarships are:

• Emily Clark, Bedford, Master of Science in Physician Assistant;

• Kristen Ewing, Everett, Master of Science in Physician Assistant;

• Daria Herr, Six Mile Run, Bachelor of Science in Nursing;

• Van May, Bedford, Bachelor of Science in Nursing;

• Bianca Santos, Bedford, Associate in Science, Respiratory Therapy;

• Kerstin Shaffer, Hyndman, Bachelor of Science in Nursing;

• Taylor Sobzack, Clearville, Bachelor of Science, Medical Imaging;

• Elijah Treece, Everett, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

UPMC Bedford award-winning employees include:

• Curvin Gordon, Bedford, doctorate in medical sciences, emergency medicine;

• Devin Lafferty, Buffalo Mills, Bachelor of Science in Nursing;

• Allison Shaffer, Bedford, Bachelor of Science, Health Sciences;

• Kelly Spicer, New Paris, Master of Science, Nursing.

The recipient of the Thomas E. Bailey Memorial Fellowship is Colten Allison, Alum Bank, Master of Science, Physiotherapy.

The Thomas E. Bailey Scholarship is a one-time, $ 4,000 scholarship available only to high school seniors attending a Bedford County school. This aid is granted without commitment of employment and is not based on financial needs.

The Scholarship Program for the Health Professions (Wiley, Blackburn and Obert Scholarships) awards up to $ 8,000 per year for up to four years to students who aspire to a career in healthcare and require professional commitment. . UPMC Bedford employees receive scholarships to pursue higher education. Their rewards are provided by the Walter Allen Fund, are need-based after UPMC tuition reimbursement, and require employee commitment.



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