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Cpl. Jessica Mahon said a colleague struggled to find a book that explained her profession to children, so she was challenged to start writing.

“She found out that I liked to write, and she was having a hard time finding books that explained EMS or paramedics to children. She asked me to write a simple story for it. I was. sent home with COVID, so I needed a project, and wrote a book. “

The result was “Joel Meets the Paramedics,” a 24-page book aimed at children who Mahon says may not fully understand what goes on in emergency response.

Joël meets the paramedics

“I just wanted to open up everyone from paramedical medicine to kids because it’s a very fascinating world, and not many people know what we do, so I really wanted to explain that to kids.”

She said although ambulances are often seen from the outside, people generally don’t think about what’s going on inside.

“Not many people understand that. They see an ambulance and it’s cool to do with the lights, but when we come in with all of our stuff it’s a bit more of a intimidating or scary experience, so I really wanted to show that side. -the.”

The main character meets Mahon’s fictional colleagues, but she said she hopes the book takes away any fear a child might have when calling for help if he sees an emergency.

“We really wanted to show what we would do inside an ambulance, and I also wanted to convey that kids should always be okay with calling 9-1-1, and that they should never have afraid to call 9-1-. 1. “

“Joel Meets the Paramedics” is available on Amazon, and Mahon hopes this is just the beginning of Joel’s adventures to help shed light on the field of emergencies.

“I would love to do a whole series and show a lot of health professions because I feel like a lot of kids, and even parents, don’t see that side. Joel meets a lot of professions like firefighters and dispatchers. Professions that a lot of people are sort of familiar with, but they don’t know the whole picture. “

This image comes to life through Mahon’s words, but also the artwork of Mahon’s friend Lindsay Maiorano, which features prominently in the book.


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