Neighbors throw birthday party for abandoned car left on the street for a year


A group of frustrated neighbors threw a tongue-in-cheek birthday party – for a auto who remained abandoned in their street for a year.

Money VW Golf has been parked in the same spot on George Street in Shefford, UK since December 2019, and has become an eyesore to residents.

One of the car’s tires is now flat and the interior of the vehicle looks like a “trash can,” with trash including old McDonald’s food, a shoe, and empty shampoo bottles lying around.

Residents of George Street repeatedly reported the car to city council, DVLA, and even passing traffic and community officers, to no avail.


Last month, when the silver car had been parked there for a year, they decided to draw attention to it in a different way – by throwing a birthday party for the car.

A group of residents gathered to cover the car with festive decorations, including happy birthday banners, balloons attached to the exterior mirrors and a white sheet stuck to the windshield with the words “Happy New Year!”

One woman, who did not wish to be named, but lives across the road where the car was dumped, said: “Someone has to draw attention to her in some way or another. ‘another. This was brought to the attention of council several times – myself, my neighbor across the street and their neighbor next door all phoned the town hall, but the town hall says the car cannot be abandoned because it looks in too good condition.

“This has been reported to the DVLA at least three times. Its MOT certificate expired on March 25, 2020 and it hasn’t been taxed since May 31, so you might think they would like to know. didn’t do it The police don’t want to know either. I even ran into a traffic policeman in town and asked him if he could come and take a look, but he said he couldn’t do anything about it.


The woman added that since the car was ditched, George Street has been turned into a one-way road – and it’s the only vehicle on the road parked the wrong way round.

She said: “It’s right across the driveway from our next door neighbors, and they’re doing some work on the house, so they have scaffolding – and the car is in their way now.

“We’re also on a road where there is a school, so it often annoys people trying to switch to drop-off or pick-up times. It has caused more than a little frustration.”


But the woman said the “birthday party” for the car was just a little fun – and that she and her neighbors had a good laugh.

She said: “We just thought we needed to do something to draw attention to this. People seemed to enjoy the decorations – people passing on the sidewalk stop and stare at it.”


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