More than 25 black ministers sign letter to Warnock on abortion


US Senate candidate Raphael Warnock speaks at a campaign event with former Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro.

More than two dozen black pastors, including many from Georgia, sent a letter Friday to a Democratic Senate candidate urging him to reconsider his stance on abortion ahead of a runoff in Peach State.

“Unborn black, brown and white lives are much more than clumps of cells, painful inconveniences or health problems”, they wrote to Reverend Raphael Warnock. “They are sacred human persons endowed by God with inalienable dignity and worth. We implore you to support the biblical defense of life and to fight the systemic racism of abortion.

They argued that “the pro-abortion movement has been characterized by racism and white supremacy since its inception, noting that black women are five times more likely than white women to undergo such a procedure.

“We salute your commendable efforts to share Christ while seeking political solutions to our most pressing issues today,” they wrote. “But precisely because we share so much in common with you, we feel compelled to confront your most recent statements regarding abortion.”

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Warnock’s campaign questioned what the signatories actually had in common with the candidate, noting that the list included declared supporters of his second-round opponent, Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, as well as President Trump – pointing to the Bishop Garland Hunt and Dr. Alveda King. , a Fox News contributor, among others.

Hunt appeared at a Trump campaign rally in September and 10 days ago joined the conservative Family Research Council’s “Pray Vote Stand” show in support of Loeffler and condemning Warnock’s pro-abortion stance.

“Reverend Warnock believes that a patient’s room is too small a place for a woman, her doctor, and the United States government and that these are deeply personal health care decisions — not political ones,” the racket said. word of Warnock campaign, Michael J. Brewer. told Fox News. “He also thinks that those who care about life should focus on the incredibly high infant and maternal mortality rates and work to make sure we expand access to health care, not cut it.”


Reverend Dean Nelson, who organized the letter, countered that political ideology had nothing to do with the request.

“The letter’s message is relevant regardless of the support of some of the signatories, even though there are Republicans, independents and Democrats who signed it,” he said. and true justice for humanity. We urge him to reconsider his support for this cause.

Although the Democratic Party is increasingly pro-abortion, there are still recent examples of prominent anti-abortion Democrats.

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Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed a “heartbeat” bill last year that would ban women from having abortions once a baby’s heartbeat is detected.

In August, he and Illinois Rep. Dan Lipinski, along with dozens of other Democrats, were targeted by some party members for signing a letter urging Democrats not to alienate anti-abortion voters. and to adopt more moderate language in the party’s 2020 platform.

Lipinski was defeated in his Democratic primary by a challenger with the backing of Planned Parenthood.

Warnock is running against Loeffler in one of two Georgia Senate ballots.

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