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Internships during college can set students on the path to career success that they might not otherwise have.

The Los Rios Community College District is hosting Internship Information Month, four weeks of district-wide events, to help students discover and secure internships.

The event will start on September 27 and will last for one month. It will be moderated by representatives from Los Rios covering topics such as work experience, how to acquire practical skills and college credit.

Tracey Hodge, Work Experience and Internship Program (WEXP) coordinator at City College, says networking and making connections in areas or major areas of students is very important for students during the Month. information on internships.

When the event first took place last year, there was good turnout, but not as high as the organizers would have liked, she said.

“We have invited 229,000 students to the Los Rios district (the four campuses), so I hope that many students will respond and attend this virtual event,” she said of this year’s program.

Los Rios students face many obstacles when it comes to internships. Some of those barriers are “making connections with employers and knowing where to go and how to find jobs and internships,” Hodge said. “And a lot of students lack soft skills, like communication and time management skills, so it’s important to hear employers say these skills are needed. “

It will give students the opportunity to explore their interests and build a professional network, according to the district’s WEXP web page.

Twelve workshops will be organized to help students learn the basics of securing an internship and to use LinkedIn for networking and finding professional opportunities. Presenters also include representatives from accounting firm Clifton Larson Allen, Intel, California Department of Transportation and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

Monica Souza, WEXP Assistant Developer, highlighted the importance of participating in Internship Information Month.

“This is one of those opportunities that is specific to current students. So the opportunity is only available while you are a student, ”Souza said. “And, unfortunately, a lot of students don’t even find out about this opportunity until it’s too late and they’re no longer students, or they’re not even aware of the opportunity all along.” throughout their university experience. “

“And that’s why it’s really important for students to know that this is actually a career opportunity that shouldn’t be missed,” Souza said with passion. “I think having these kinds of opportunities doesn’t just highlight the fact that there is this opportunity and that this program is specifically for students.”

Souza knows the importance of seizing an internship opportunity.

“When I was a student at American River College, I won a scholarship. And I wouldn’t have won this if I hadn’t even applied for this scholarship, ”Souza said. “I wouldn’t even have heard of the scholarship without the other students who told me about it. The importance of networking is so precious and having these opportunities to be able to advertise. “



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