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NEW ULM – New Ulm Cathedral head football coach Denny Lux said that while running back Levi Jakes had a great game in the win over St. James last Friday (177 yards) and three TDs), much of the credit goes to the Greyhounds. ‘offensive line.

“From the near end to the near end, these guys did a great job with the trapping game for Levi,” Lux said. “He managed to interrupt long runs without getting hit and that’s a tribute to the offensive line. “

Lux said the Greyhounds only executed their Michigan T offense in the game due to injury.

“We sometimes had a few guys outside” Lux said. “With our spread [offense] we want to make sure we have our front row players just because of the timing of the pitch. With Jakes in the middle and with Kyle [Seidl] and Jevan [Wilfahrt] walk away on the edges – and Sam [Knowles, Cathedral quarterback] had a few points on the far edge, that put St. James off balance in defense.

Lux said his team had long journeys in the game.

“We started deep in our own end and are coming to their 40 [yard line] then stop a long run. At halftime [with Cathedral ahead 27-22] the momentum seemed to be going a bit at St. James but we just overpowered them in the second half [for a 48-30 win]. “

Lux said his defensive line had a good run the entire game.

“They stopped the St. James power racing game, I felt that [Jevan] Wilfahrt and [Sam] Blomberg on the deep throws.

Lux said his linebackers need experience to improve.

“That’s why this match, coach [Jesse] Nosbush has placed Sam Knowles as a middle linebacker so the guys on the outside can play their place on the field.

He said Knowles’ retention as center linebacker the rest of the year will depend on the type of attack his team faces.

MENTAL MISTAKES HURT EAGLES: Eric Kauffmann, new Ulm High School football head coach, said his team continue to make too many mental mistakes.

“I don’t think Marshall does 45 points better than us”, he said. “But they capitalized on a lot of our mental mistakes. Physically we’re fine, it’s just that we have young people in places that don’t know football very well. We have good athletes.

“The mistakes we make are in the coverage programs and in understanding football sometimes. When you have great super athletes, you can overcome that. Right now we’re in a bit of a rush – they know they can do some things, but we’re just not good enough right now to make some of the mistakes we make and overcome them. We need to work on our mental play and make our children feel more positive. When they make a mistake, it affects them for too long. When we can get it, we’ll be a better football team.

“Sometimes a team is in extended coverage and a player hasn’t moved enough and one of our other players doesn’t understand it, maybe maybe I should go help him out, but I’m more focused on what the coach told me. They have to adapt to it on the ground.

BUBOLTZ CONCERNED ABOUT TWO STATES OF THE BALL: Minnesota Valley Lutheran football head coach Jim Buboltz said he was concerned about his team’s performance on both sides of the ball after a 34-16 loss on the road against Martin County West.

“I thought we had a great week of training and a good plan for the game, but we didn’t perform”, he said. “It’s a little worrying – we have to find our identity and who we are.”

Buboltz said right now it’s more of a mental thing.

“We are trying to establish certain things [but] we do not see this jelly as we wish ”, Buboltz said. “We are still looking. We thought we had something after week 2 and we’re building on that. But we had a little trouble – hats off to Martin County. They are now 3-0 and things are going in the right direction and we have to do that too. “

Buboltz said that at the moment he is more concerned with the play of the lines on both sides of the ball.

“It all starts with this group up front. As a team, we’re going to have to do some soul searching over the weekend. We are a better football team than we have shown and the players know it. “

He said the game comes down to three games that transformed the game.

“We had a few turnovers that turned into touchdowns and we had a blown blanket for another touchdown. We work on it during the week in training and in the game it doesn’t happen.

“They got a touchdown on a pick of six and the second was the result of a strip fumble on a kickoff which then resulted in a touchdown for back-to-back scores for them,” Buboltz said. “We came back well in the second half. We won the turnover battle in the game, but we need consistency on the offensive side – that’s what we’re looking for right now. All in all, we just need to find our identity.

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