Hussey: Phillips is ethical and helpful | Letters



I can’t verify what kind of politician Eric Phillips will be, but I can attest to his character, work ethic, and interpersonal skills. If these qualities are reflected in his political life, then Eric will be an excellent member of the Henry County Supervisory Board.

I served as a new member on a church finance committee, of which Eric was the chair. He always came to meetings well prepared and it was obvious that he had completed his homework before the meeting. He thanked each member of the committee and he really appreciated everyone’s opinion. He sought our advice and actively listened to what we had to say. When a committee member had a better idea, he accepted it and changed it accordingly. Personally, I have always felt that Eric represented my opinions and ideas, making me feel like I was part of the decision-making process.

In addition, to attest to his work ethic and his desire to serve. Several times I went to church and Eric worked there, doing things that needed to be done. He is not afraid to take the initiative and accomplish the tasks at hand.

Therefore, based on my personal experience and interaction with Eric, I believe he will seek the advice of his constituents and use that information to better represent the citizens of Henry County. He will also work hard to represent the residents and he will diligently try to do what is best. Therefore, I wholeheartedly support Eric Phillips to be elected to the Henry County Oversight Board as the representative of the Iriswood District.



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