How 2 Washington players made ends meet



ASHBURN, Va. (AP) – Sammis Reyes got in his car, streamed podcasts and tried to learn something while he was driving. Sam Cosmi borrowed his sister’s car to make the most of the mileage.

The destination was the first step of a stranger.

Long before they became Washington Football teammates, Reyes and Cosmi each drove for a food delivery service during the pandemic. Taking on a job like this was certainly not unique to athletes, although it shows how far they were willing to go to make ends meet before they got to the NFL and the payday that followed.

“In this life you have to do what you have to do to reach the end goal,” Reyes said on Wednesday. “It was the only job that gave me the flexibility to continue training. I had to find a way to make some money, to be able to work out a few times a day, so that was it.

Cosmi, like Reyes, found a way to drive for DoorDash and also delivered runs for Instacart between meetings and film studies in Texas. The 6-foot-6, 309-pound offensive tackle size stood out among grocery delivery customers who greeted him, often asking him why he was doing it if he was aiming for a football career.

“Something to do,” Cosmi told them. “I couldn’t really stay in the house. I did all of my workouts and studies and meetings and the rest of the day I was just working and doing something. I just couldn’t sit in the house and do nothing. It’s just not me. It was just a little way to have some extra dough in the pocket.

Reyes, who is from Chile and moved to the United States as a teenager to play basketball, did so because his hoop training gig was gone with COVID-19, preventing people from working with it. him in person. Far from a brief stint at college basketball at Tulane, he’s roamed Northern Virginia trying to pay his bills and make some good impressions along the way.

“When you provide a service, people will take care of you,” Reyes said. “Getting this great advice sometimes was great. I would make sure to text all of my clients and all clients and I was just trying to be nice and kind to people and it paid off.

Reyes tries to maximize his time multitasking; hence the business, football and other podcasts that serve as his soundtrack while driving.

With his sister’s Camry taking him from place to place, Cosmi had a few adventures.

“The app crashed once when I had food from three people and didn’t know what to do, so I spent about three hours in the store waiting for her to come back,” he said. he declares. “There have been good times and bad times. “

This time they are together at training camp in Washington. Cosmi was a second-round pick in the draft which is competing to start in the right tackle, while Reyes has retired from the NFL International Player Pathway program.

Coach Ron Rivera said Reyes and Cosmi in food delivery positions “tell you that they are serious about trying to achieve their goal – and that’s what you want.” Cosmi appears to be an important part of the team’s future, and Reyes could join him on that path once he’s 100 percent after twisting his right knee in a drill this week.

Cosmi, as the 51st pick, signed a four-year, $ 6.25 million contract, and Reyes got $ 2.45 million over three seasons. .

When Reyes needed the money just to get by, he approached it as his work ethic in the field.

“You get what you put in it,” he said. “You want to drive for hours, you can do it. It’s your schedule, you create the time, so if you need more money, you just have to drive more.


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