CPA president says new campaign emphasizes importance of internal medicine


August 31, 2022

3 minute read

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Key points to remember

  • The CPA’s new branding campaign aims to express the importance of internal medicine as well as the diversity of the profession.
  • The campaign was based on research exploring different perceptions of internal medicine physicians.
  • The CPA president said he wanted to “showcase the breadth of roles and practice settings for physicians in internal medicine.

The CPA has launched a brand campaign that celebrates the value of internal medicine and the diversity of the profession.

The campaign will demonstrate the impact internal medicine physicians have in many different settings and highlight “the profession’s growing career paths and opportunities, as well as their critical contributions and impact on the future of healthcare.” health,” according to a CPA press release.

Specifically, the CPA said the campaign aims to raise awareness that internal medicine physicians offer knowledge and expertise that others rely on in team care, and are “brilliant diagnosticians and connectors” who “serve in a variety of roles and leadership in the broader field of health”. care sector”.

ACP President Ryan D. Mire, MD, FACP, said in the statement that, in today’s “fractured, complex” and “ever-changing” healthcare environment, the organization is “delighted to highlight the diverse roles and leadership we have in this essential period.

Mire sat down with Healio to discuss the campaign’s goals in more detail, what it will entail and why he thinks it’s so important.

Healio: What prompted the ACP to launch this campaign? What do you hope to accomplish?

Mud: The American College of Physicians launched the new brand identity campaign to articulate the vital role and value of internal medicine physicians, as well as the breadth, depth and diversity of the internal medicine profession. One of the goals of the campaign is to amplify the impact that internal medicine physicians have on the US healthcare system to the public, healthcare stakeholders, and the future medical workforce pipeline.

Healio: The campaign will “showcase physician leadership and impact.” How is he going to do this? What will this entail?

Mud: Internal medicine physicians are leaders in health care and participate in a variety of health care settings, from the exam room to the boardroom. Over the next few months and throughout the fiscal year, the CPA will implement this initiative in our publications and newsletters, and through digital advertisements in various media and social media that demonstrate the variety of pathways career paths that can arise from the specialty of internal medicine. .

Healio: The campaign was also informed by research that explored the perceptions of internal medicine physicians. VSone you develop on that? What insights did you find?

Mud: The campaign was based on research exploring the perceptions of internal medicine physicians by peers and colleagues, patients and healthcare leaders. Internal medicine physicians are brilliant connectors, foundations, and specialists in complex adult human systems. Our knowledge and experience allows us to view the adult human body differently and connect the dots, which effectively results in the diagnosis and management of complex medical conditions.

Healio: Why is this campaign important?

Mud: The CPA believes in articulating the vital role and value of internal medicine physicians, as well as the breadth, depth and diversity of the internal medicine profession. The campaign builds on our existing IMProud campaign and other efforts to recognize the value of physicians in internal medicine. We want to showcase the breadth of physician roles and practice settings in internal medicine, distinguishing and bringing to life the leadership and impact that form the foundation of medical excellence. Additionally, internal medicine physicians have never been more critical than demonstrating the breadth of patient care and leadership provided during the pandemic in all clinical settings.



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