Burger King offering free Whoppers to people who pass by its competitors’ abandoned restaurants: “scary places”


Would you dare to be fear of free food?

In the spirit of Halloween, Burger King trolls the competition by offering free Whoppers to anyone who dares to walk past a number of abandoned fast food restaurants once operated by anonymous rival chains.

On Monday, BK unveiled a list of five so-called “scary places” involved in the limited-time US promotion, which rightly runs until midnight October 31.

According to the rules, brave souls who are within 300 feet of abandoned burger chains and confirm it on the BK app will receive a coupon for a free flame-grilled Whopper sandwich, eligible to be redeemed online or for the in-store pickup or delivery.

According to Burger King, on some nights you can hear the sizzling cries of a flat-top fryer (Source: Burger King)

Intrusion, however, is not encouraged, Burger King pointed out in the Official Rules.

“For us, nothing is more frightening than a place that has never burnt out,” said Ellie Doty, director of marketing for Burger King North America, in a statement. Press release. “While Halloween is a little different this year, we’re embracing it in a way that keeps guest safety at the forefront right now. A good scare and delicious reward from a flame-grilled Whopper. ”

For the hungry thrill seekers in search of a good scare, abandoned restaurants “where burgers for years weren’t flame-grilled” are located in Dayton, Ohio; Houston, Texas; Birmingham, Alabama; McHenry, Illinois; and Johnston, RI, BK said.

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