Baines High School GCSE results: praise for work ethic and positivity

Torah Lythgoe was one of Baines High School’s top students

The top students were: Torah Lythgoe, Ben Green and James Devine, each with five 9th graders, Oliver Beard, Zoe Twele and Joe Moss, with four 9th graders each, while many others achieved top marks.

There has been a lot of success with the professional courses with Senna Stubbs and Katie Hanson each earning a Star Distinction, the highest marks for those subjects.

Meanwhile, Harry Morrey, Oliver Beard, Elliot Bazley, Maisie Newman, Kody Ketterick, Jake Balshaw, Domi Saccomano, Thomas Bamber all exceeded their target mark in all subjects.

Archie Dow, James Devine, Elliot Jolly, Oliver Beard and Ben Green were among Baines’ hits

Principal Alison Chapman said: “Congratulations to all the Grade 11 students. It was a pleasure to watch them receive their GCSEs and professional qualifications.

“These students have come through three tough years for them. They have been incredible in their work ethic, positivity, resilience and flexibility to cope and support each other through the pandemic.

“Our students have been fantastic in rising to the challenge of performing at their best through what has been a disrupted secondary education.

“They have been such a wonderful group of years in their studies, their friendships and their enrichment activities. I want to congratulate all of our students for their positive attitudes and their successes, to thank their families for the support they have brought and to thank the staff at Baines School, wish them all the best for the future and hope they will keep in touch with the school.

Abigail Monks, Zoe Twele and Jessica Monks were among Baines’ hits

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