Abu Dhabi: young people have an exciting internship at Yas Waterworld


Abu Dhabi: A group of six enthusiastic young people completed an exciting summer internship at an Abu Dhabi water park, learning rescue techniques, hospitality and first aid.

The two-month internship at Yas Waterworld provided interns with lifesaving skills and also showed them behind-the-scenes operations at the park. The concert involved more than 2,300 hours of work in a multicultural environment.

“I learned discipline, dedication, patience and respect in a real work environment, understanding firsthand how a water park works,” said Mohammad Al Abdullah, 20, an Emirati who hopes pursue a career in aviation.

Oliver Burns, 17, a Thai-British student, said he most appreciated the mentorship he received and the chance to meet amazing people. For Filipina Angelica Raagas, film student in Abu Dhabi, the attraction was the cultural diversity and the rich communication role of the internship program.

“It is definitely the exhibition that has contributed to my personal enrichment. The working environment came very close because it was totally and totally positive and completely exceeded initial expectations, ”added Dewnya Mudalige, 16, a student from Sri Lanka.


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