Monthly Archive: January 2020

Jan 29

APR, what it is and how it is calculated?

  APR is the acronym for Annual Global Effective Rate and represents the final and actual expense linked to the request for a loan. Also known as the Synthetic Cost Index ( ISC ) and represented as a percentage value, the APR includes in itself both the “pure” interest rate and all the ancillary expenses …

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Jan 11

Loan in fine: repay your principal when due!

Loans are among the different types of credit. Unlike the repayable loan conventionally used for the financing of a real estate, the credit in fine gives the opportunity to the borrower to repay the totality of the capital due in a single payment, at maturity of the contract. The advantage? The monthly payments are only …

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Jan 09

Want to save on a passbook A? Prefer early loan repayment

With the rate going down to 1% soon, this investment becomes more than ever precautionary savings. Because it is more profitable to increase the monthly payments of his mortgage rather than depositing his savings capacity on a passbook A. In particular for the owners who bought a few years ago, when the rates were high. …

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